Dec 7, 2005

Wednesday's Wandering Thoughts

I have no post of great importance today. As I sit here ready to blog my mind is wandering around leaping into all different directions like a kid trying to decide how to spend his money in a dollar store. So I thought I would just share little bits of the stuff that is cluttering up my scattered brain for today.

1. I love to wake up and look at the ocean. Do you know that the ocean changes colors? Some mornings it is peaceful and a pale green that just lays there sleeping. Other mornings it is an angry black with hints of white dancing on the tips of the waves. Then there are the various shades of blue that seem to play out before me changing with the moods of the wind. I love to look out and see what mood the ocean is in and what colors are outside my window today.

2. Do you know that I love to do laundry now? I have hated it all my life. But now, I go downstairs after the Little Princess goes to bed and I do laundry and stay downstairs in the rec room. I read, or look at old pictures or just relax and sip my coffee. I love that I am away from the world, just me relaxing and I am still accomplishing something too.

3. I really need to get out of the house but I hate to go anywhere in bad weather. So I keep looking outside thinking that I will go out tomorrow when the weather is better but then the weather is the same the next day. This is going to be a LONG LONG winter if I don't learn to brave the elements and just go out.

4. My best friend, Notsosnowwhite, is coming to visit in about 2 weeks and I can't wait! I miss her like crazy the last couple of days and I really just need to wake up and share our morning cup of coffee and chat with her.

5. Mmmm . . . there was a five . . . I can't remember my five . . . I know I am getting old (the ripe old age of 33) but still I shouldn't be losing my mind just yet . . . they say the memory is the first to go . . . mmmm . . . oh what the heck I just thought of something else. My water is gone again. Now I was doing laundry and it went in the middle of it so I can't finish my laundry but I will do it tomorrow and then I will get to go downstairs and have my me time again. so that is okay.

6. I am done submitting you to the chaos that is in my brain but I will be sure to come back tomorrow.

Dec 6, 2005

So, Do ya think Mensa will be calling soon?

There are days, when I am amazed by my daughter. She turns around and does something that convinces me that yes indeed she is a certifiable genius and Mensa will be calling for her any day. She has taken to drawing. She loves it. She will draw things and bring them over and show them to me and tell me what they are. Now up until recently, they have been only variously colored scribbles. Just colors on a page. But lately she concentrates really hard and she is so industrious in her "work". And she is turning out recognizable objects. She decided to "write" and turned out letters that I could recognize. Now they didn't spell anything, but there are actual letters!!! And then she drew a sun. It was a blue sun colored in orange. But I could tell that is what it was! It was very obviously a sun and she didn't have to tell you that for you to know it! Okay so my 3 1/2 year old daughter is genius, right?

Okay so maybe I am a little biased on the genius part but I am as proud as proud can be of ever picture she brings me! I love to get them, I love when she shows me her pictures of pickles, lights, and mommy and daddy ducks.

Dec 5, 2005


I was tagged by Miliner's Dream, for this meme. This idiosyncrasies meme is a tag from doulicia. And as doulicia so eloquently asked, in her blog, "Do you really want to know this?"

List your idiosyncrasies.

1. I am a bit anal about things on shelves. I line my books up exactly even with each other and with the edge of the shelf. If it is messed up I can leave it for a while, but eventually I have to go fix it.

2. I insist on doing things that will probably hurt me. I refuse to acknowledge that I am no longer 17 years old and where I could go ahead and change around the furniture in the living room on my own in the past, if I do it now, in the least, I am going to have a sore back at the worst I am going to be out of commission for a while. I drive Prince Charming crazy with this.

3. I hate going to doctors. After all the doctors and surgeries, I hate hate hate going to doctors. So much so that I live by the philosophy that if I ignore any health issue, it will eventually go away. This does NOT work and it also drives Prince Charming crazy. He says that between this one and number two I don't have sense enough to look after myself.

4. I used to be an outgoing, talk to anyone type of person, but over the years and moves, I have switched and I am more of a shy take a back seat and let others take over the conversation type of person. Prince Charming is very talkative and him being that way lets me warm up and talk more later when I more comfortable.

5. I LOVE earings. I used to have over 200 pairs. I don't anymore. I lost them in my moves. but I still love them. I don't even wear any anymore. I sometimes tell myself that I am going to start collecting them again so that I can have them to wear but I always find something better to do with my money.

6. I tend not so spend money on myself. I go to the store with good intentions but then I decide that Little Princess needs this or would look adorable in that or maybe it is Prince Charming that could use it, or groceries that could be bought and then I don't buy for me. (This is kinda funny considering that this year, I am going to have to fill up my own stocking)

Dec 4, 2005

Its a lump! Its Humpty Dumpty! No wait, thats me!

When you look in the mirror, do you see all of you? Do you see the whole picture or do you develop tunnel vision and only see those parts of yourself that you feel could use improvement?

I have noticed that I have a tendency towards tunnel vision. I look in the mirror and I only see that part of my stomach that sags and looks terrible. Now I know that a lot of that is due to the way my stomach stretched having Little Princess but it is also due to the fact that I have gained weight.

The point is, when I look in the mirror, I truly only see that part of my stomach. I could be sporting a blue mohawk and fabulous new earings and I will still only see that part of my anatomy. If I want to see the rest of me, I have to force myself to focus.

This is really dumb. On a conscious level, I don't believe that other people look at me and only see that part of my stomach, but on some level I do think that. I see that and think, "Oh MY GOD! I look like HUMPTY DUMPTY!" And I am horrified. I think that everyone who sees me looks at me and is just as horrified as I am. I feel like they will look at me and discuss how I am a fat pig who really just let myself go. Yes folks, My name is Twisted Cinderella and I have a problem.

(on another note, Little Princess just came in and looked at me and said, "Hi mommy." I said hi, and she replied, "Is it dark in here?" I replied yes, I hadn't turned on the lights. She asked me, "Are you scared?" I said no, the dark isn't anything to be scared of and she decided to go over and turn on the lights for me anyway just in case it really was scarey.)

Dec 3, 2005

Cosmic Jokes and Funny Searches

I think that the Universe had decided to play some cosmic joke on me today to make it impossible to sleep in. It IS a Saturday and she WAS up late, so lets just torture her a little. So at the bright and early time of 7:30 Little Princess woke up crying with a sore knee. Much cuddling and soothing later, we were both back in bed. But then at 9 am my Aunt called to let me know she wasn't coming to visit today as planned. At this point I gave up my dream of sleeping in and staggered to the coffee pot for some liquid perkiness in a cup.

I finally have some interesting searches people have used to get to my site!

The first one is: sleep in handcuffs. I think it came from the following. But I have a funny feeling that is not what the person searching was looking for. LOL:
I may have to sleep in handcuffs to avoid the scratching. And I can think of much
better reasons to wear handcuffs to bed.

The second one was: Body Cast. Again, I am pretty sure anyone searching for that wouldn't find the following particularly helpful:
I swear, if I were ever to go to the doctor and tell him all the parts of my body
that are currently punishing me, he would have me fitted for a body cast, put on
a liquid diet and locked up in a padded room.

They have also found me looking for twisted christmas videos and christmas ornements crafts But I am pretty sure my site was a disappointment. Sorry guys there really is any Christmas stuff here.

And as for the last one: picture of snow white marrying the prince I had better not see any pics of Notsosnowwhite marrying Prince Charming seeing as he is my husband and she is my best friend. If I catch those pics, there will be some serious butt being kicked. LOL

I had fun looking at those. I always enjoy reading the funny things that others have posted that people searched for that brought them up and I only had boring things like "glass slipper" or "cinderella" Now I am officially a part of the group!

Dec 2, 2005

Flashback Friday

Todays Flashback Friday was supposed to be all about those warm, fuzzy memories we have of our child/children, or if you don’t have kids, maybe one you remember from your own childhood.

Karin chose this topic because her beautiful baby girl is celebrating her first birthday today, so be sure to go over there and wish her daughter a happy birthday! (Pssst…while you’re there, make sure you tell Karin you have every confidence that she can pull off a birthday party tomorrow for 30 guests!)

I kinda has problems with this one not because I don't have any special memories with Little Princess but because they all jumble together into lots of little memories.

I remember the first time I had to pack up the clothes she had outgrown. I remembered how when I brought her home she was so small that even the premie clothes I had was too big. And then suddenly there i was in the middle of her bedroom floor with a big pile of clothes she couldn't wear anymore. I suddenly started to realize that she was never going to be that small again. It goes too fast and I just didn't want her to be bigger yet. I mean I am always happy that she is healthy and growing and I love to celebrate all her new developments and achievements, but I just wanted to cling to her to keep her small a little longer. I just loved her so much I hated to see her babyhood go away so soon. So I sat there bawling like a silly schoolgirl because my daughter was growing up.

I remember our first trip to the emergency room. She has been vomiting and she was so little, I was scared. So we took her. I stayed all night in that hospital room Prince Charming lay down on an empty bed and I lay awake on another. Hovering over her, scared to death. She was okay, but I will never forget the fear and worry.

I remember a hundred nights, she has woken up scared or crying and wanted me to come in. I remember her little arms wrapping around my neck, her head on my shoulder and her body heavy with sleep laying against me, because as long as mommy is there, all is right with the world.

I can feel her little hand in mine as we go shopping together. I can hear her singing songs endlessly in her room when she is supposed to be sleeping. I remember the breathless anticipation and the ensuing celebration when she first sang the alphabet. I can remember her awestruck enthusiasm as we went to see a movie together, just her and I. I remember popcorn and juice and cuddles in the dark.

I remember making cookies in the kitchen, with her elbow deep in batter, squishing the dough in her hands to shape it into the cutest, oddest shaped lumps of cookie dough and then sitting together after with milk and eating our creations.

There are a hundred little memories that spring to mind when I try to think of warm fuzzy moments. But I guess I haven't yet had that one big one that transcends them all that leaves me thinking this is the one I will remember forever. I racked my brain and tried to come up with one. Surely there must be at least one. Until that one comes, I will just keep building little memories and trying desperately remember them all.

Dec 1, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Twisted Cinderella

(I can't believe I finally got this code! woohoo! Now I have official looking Thursday Thirteen!)

1. I had a great time playing in our yard with Little Princess.
2. I took a ton of pictures and just had a blast playing with her.
3. Our yard is absolutely huge!!!
4. I made a Christmas Card today.
5. I think it turned out beautifully and I think Little Princess looks like a doll in it.
6. I want to save it in my online scrapbook, but I think Prince Charming may want to save it and get it printed it off without anyone seeing it.
7. We have no water today and I don't know why.
8. We had low water pressure yesterday, I am assuming it is related in some way.
9. Our neighbours had low water pressure yesterday too. Otherwise I would be worried.
10. Thank God, I made coffee before the water went.
11. I hate that I can't get a shower though
12. Little Princess was playing outside, she needs a bath and can't get it either.
13. I can't wait until Prince Charming wakes up so I can ask him to check on it.

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