Dec 20, 2005

Tuesday Talk

Random Thoughts on my mind today:

1. Prince Charming slept 15 hours last night. I was about ready to have him declared legally comatose when he woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at the crack of noon.

2. I cooked corned fish for the first time in my life today. It tasted a lot like a salted dried fish. It was really good and I will do it again for sure. Prince Charming even had some and he hates fish. (His father is a fisherman . . . go figure)

3. I put up a few more decorations around the house today. My house looks wonderful.

4. I looked up recipes for cookies to make and my printer is out of ink that means that I have to write each recipe out by hand! UGH! I hate actually writing things. Typing is so much easier. I am even having Coffee, tea, egg nog, and fresh baked biscuits and muffins on Christmas morning for while we open our gifts.

5. I am feeling on top of things now and I love it. I could use a nap like Prince Charming had last night, but other than that I am happy. Prince Charming came up to me today and hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and told me how beautiful I made the house look. Mmmm it is nice to be appreciated. He even came down and sat with me in the rec room while I did laundry today. What a sweetie!


Trinity13 said...

Our printer was down too not to long ago...also just when I needed a recipe! How funny is that?!

Btw, I too love being appreciated! It makes me want to work all that much harder around the house.

McSwain said...

"Crack of noon." How funny is that?! What's corned fish?

bigwhitehat said...

Mmmmmm... fish.

clew said...

:) Sounds like the Christmas spirit has arrived there!

Have a great holiday, TC!

Chickadee said...

I cooked fish once and I undercooked it. It was all squishy. Ewww. My hubby can cook fish like a pro. I don't get it.