Dec 13, 2005

Questions answered

Okay, so there were a few questions about yesterdays post. I will attempt to answer them here, remembering that all of this happened to me when I was three and it isn't something I really talked about much with my parents so some of my memories may be a bit foggy.

1. My loss of sight seems to be due to a genetic condition. My father and all of his family have vision problems as does my mother and her family. Mine was just worse than theirs. It was a combination of extreme near-sightedness and my eyes were turned outwards to some degree.

2. To "fix" it, they did a two operations on my eyes. They did each eye one at a time. (WARNING THIS MAY BE A LITTLE GRAPHIC) They took my eye from my socket and operated on it and the muscles behind it. I have no recollection of this whole thing, I only remember the trip home from the hospital.

3. As far as I know, there are not a lot of precautions I have to take. Since my vision is still so bad, I am also at a risk for retina detachment so I have symptoms I have to watch for which would require an operation within 2 days.

4. I am not sure of my exact perscription. My eyes have steadily deteriorated since the operation. Every year I require a stronger pair of glasses. My glasses are normal glasses but they are strong, I do have the lenses that are made special to be thinner so that they appear normal. When I was wearing contacts, it took my eye doctor 3 manufacturers to find someone who made lenses strong enough for me.

5. Since my parents discovered I was blind when I was three, no one is quite sure when it started. I didn't remember it being any other way that is why my strongest memory is of amazement and wonder on the way home from the hospital.


Theresa said...

Wow. Ya know, with the advances they are making all the time, maybe they'll have a way to correct your vision, and soon!

bigwhitehat said...

I am amazed. I know I'm new here. I had no idea. The fact that this is not the 800 pound gorrilla sitting in the corner, tells me something about your character. I'm tipping my hat to you.

speckledpup said...

you seem to have a great outlook on things.
thanks for answering my questions.
I'm just an inquiring mind.
and have a blind person in the family.
we all deal with our 'infirmities' of some type, I guess.

Running2Ks said...

That is amazing. The scientific advancements astound me.