Dec 28, 2005

Hi from the land of love and laughter. We are having a grand time. We have been watching shows, giggling and chatting and catching up on our lives in the last couple of months. Right at this moment she is actually vaccuuming my carpet while Little Princess Belle cuddles in Prince Charming's arms as he protects her from the big bad vaacuum cleaner. (I didn't make her clean . . . honest!)

It is great to have her back. I am planning on making all her favorite foods while she is here, starting with the Turkey soup and tea biscuits I made yesterday. Coming to visit me is like going to visit her mom in a way, she gets to go home and get all her favorite home cooked meals since she doesn't cook on her own. I get to make sure she is taking care of herself and she makes sure that I don't stress myself out too much over the little things and that Prince Charming helps me as much as he should. We take care of each other, tell each other everything and don't judge each other but in the same time, we are completely honest.

We are planning on going out to the New Years Party here with Prince Charming and Grandma Great. It should be great fun, I have a babysitter booked and we are even going to have a few drinks before we leave. (I hardly ever have anything to drink at all so it should be a little fun to let loose a little)

On a side note, LP Belle was so sweet this morning. She woke up all smiles and giggles and we laughed and watched Madagascar over breakfast. Too much fun.

she just opened up a Baby Princess Belle dolly that Grandma Great gave her. She just kept saying, "Aww shes so cute mommy!" Then she took her dolly and started treating her like a baby. She fed her, she changed her, she combed her hair and then she kissed her, lay her on a pillow, and walked away saying, "Go to sleep, Baby, I love you. Good night." This is the same way I say good night every night since she has been born. That moment just melted me into a little puddle of me. Sometimes I love her so much!

Here's to you having as much fun today as I am and I will see you tomorrow.


Shelley said...

Don't you just love Madagascar! My kids are into "Sky High" as well. Hope you have a super holiday and even better 2006! Cheers!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Gotta love it!

Trinity13 said...

Hmmmm, that turkey soup sounds good! How do you make it (if you don't mind my asking)?

momma of 2 said...

Hmmm the soup sounds great - and the your little one playing with her baby is priceless...

clew said...

Hi TC and NSSW!

Sounds like you're having a ball! I miss my best friend Naive-No-More so much - I need to descend upon her home like a plague of locusts soon. >:D

Be good! And if you can't be good, be good at being BAD!

Happy New Year! XOXOX