Dec 23, 2005

Friday Fifteen

Since I was gone all day yesterday, I missed out on Thursday Thirteen. So, I figure this week I will change it to Friday Fifteen.

1. Prince Charming went to be earlier than I did the last two nights in a row. But with my insomnia that isn't such a huge accomplishment.

2. He has also gotten up earlier than I did the last two mornings. This hasn't happened at all in the last 6 months!!

3. I am feeling a little better about the things that were keeping me awake. I am sure that Christmas morning will be wonderful no matter what I have or don't have under the tree.

4. I am planning to start my baking today.

5. I actually think starting close to Christmas is a good idea. That way there will be more left for Christmas morning.


7. I am talking via email to an old friend that I had fought with. And while I am happy the rift is beginning to be over, I can't bring myself to be all that excited about it either. I am feeling kinda neutral about the whole thing.

8. I have cooked ground pork the last 4 meals I cooked. I manage to make it different each time so it isn't so bad.

9. I am trying to make sure that when Notsosnowwhite comes, I have more than ground pork to feed her.

10. Last night we ate at Grandma Great's house.

11. I spent all day at her house helping her get ready for Christmas.

12. She wanted to pay me, and as broke as I am, I couldn't take her money. She has done and continues to do so much for us that I can't repay, the least I can do is help her out with all the huge amounts of work she does.

13. Her daughter moved across the country with my nephew in October and Grandma Great is having a hard time because this will be the first Christmas they have spent away from both of them.

14. Grandpa Grumpy for all his usual grumpiness misses his grandson immensely. It is rather heartbreaking actually. I think that spending Christmas with Little Princess Belle will help with that somewhat.

15. I sometimes secretly worry that they compare having her around with having him around. I worry that she is too noisy, too picky, too whiny. I am her mommy and I think that she is perfect. I just want Grandpa Grumpy and Grandma Great to think she is too.


speckledpup said...

there is a verse in psalms that says "I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, o lord, make me dwell in safety."
when I have insomnia, then I repeat this verse over and over to myself until I fall asleep.

#7...I identify with this more than you will ever know.
I'm gonna keep plugging away at this myself. I'm also not really excited about renewing the friendship but my nature is that of a peacemaker and I keep trying.

happy merry chris-ma-qwansi-kah!

Karin said...

Little girls have a way of wrapping themselves around grandpa's hearts. I think you have nothing to worry about. :)
Merry Christmas!

clew said...

You always make neat lists. :)

Merry Christmas, TC!

McSwain said...

My son is often too noisy, bossy, whiny... and then he says "I love you, Mommy" and he is the most perfect child that ever was. I'm sure Belle has the same effect.

I came by to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I have a feeling if you don't say anything then no one will even realize that those few things are not there!

Nancy said...

Have a wonderful Christmas.