Dec 18, 2005

Too tired for anything but a Quickie

Guys I am TIRED! Tired with a capital T. I just spent 7 hours decorating our house. And it still feels like I should decorate the hall and the kitchen a little more. But I have to say, the living room is beautiful! I did my tree in mostly gold and red. And then put mostly red and gold decorations around. I put up a fake fireplace to hang the stockings, and I put up snowflakes and cards and all sorts of stuff.

Today decorating with the Little Princess and singing to Christmas Carols on the radio, it was suddenly Christmas. It was nice.

My young cousin came over and she helped put up streamers on the ceiling. As we were doing it, she looked at me and said, "this is fun, it feels like a family thing." I was touched. Her parents are divorced and she is constantly being pulled back and forth and it was nice that for a few moments this evening, she felt like she was doing a family thing.

Anyway, that's all folks. I am exhausted and due to the aches I keep discovering new muscles. But at last Christmas has come to the Twisted Castle.


The Daily Rant said...

Um, can we have some pictures of the beautiful decorations???

Merry Christmas!

I suspect you have snow. We have none. :( Actually, that's because I am visiting family in Arizona. What a horrid little state.

Anyway...have a great Christmas!! Throw a snowball or two for me!

Dorothy Thompson said...

Oh man, send that holiday cheer this way! I've got a terrrrrible cold...achoo! Have a Merry Christmas! said...

and just think . . . . you will have to take all those decorations down! ;-)