Mar 13, 2014

Uh Oh!!!

Do you see those two angelic little cuties at the top of this post?  Well they got up to some mischief that is going to take a while to fix!  Princess Magpie (the 5 year old) got into the homeschool craft supplies and decided she wanted to be a hair dresser and little Princess Snifflefritz (the 4 year old) was quite willing to be her first victim client.  As I walked toward their bedroom I heard the ominous sound of scissors snipping away and then I heard the whispered, "Quick!  Go show mommy!"  And I stepped over a HUGE mound of hair in the hallway, I knew I was in for a bad surprise.  And as I opened their bedroom door, I was greeted by this smiling little face.

Pictures can not capture the hacking that happened to the hair on her little head.  There were places it was cut almost to the scalp!  After doing my best to repair the damage, this poor little beauty has almost no hair left!!!

Even almost bald, she is still adorable.  This little smile makes up for a lot!

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