Mar 2, 2014


It has been a challenge to relearn a way to cook given my recent visit to the doctor.  I keep thinking it is going to be complicated.  But really, if I boil it down to it simplest form, a low cholesterol, low processed food, high fiber, higher iron, higher calcium diet, really is just a diet based on a few simple rules.  I need to be sure to choose:
  1. whole foods
  2. fruits, veggies, low fat meats, and whole grains
  3. low fat ways of cooking 
  4. foods that include the goods fats and omega 3's (like olive oil and avacados)
  5. low fat red meats and liver and other sources of iron in my diet.  
  6. low fat dairy
So when I cook, or when I get a snack, I look at it and ask myself if it fits into those guidelines.  Hopefully this will keep me healthy.

One thing I am doing is cooking my family meals like this too.  This is simple, healthy food and there is no reason they can't benefit from my newfound love of healthy foods.

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