Mar 27, 2014

Energy Issues

I am so tired.  I have felt a little better since taking my vitamin, but I still feel tired.  So I thought I would look up natural ways to increase my energy.  Ways that go beyond drinking pots and pots of coffee all by myself (as much fun as that may be LOL)

Here are a few things I can try:

  1. Getting moving.  Apparently going for a walk in the fresh air is stimulating and energizing.
  2. Make sure I am getting enough magnesium (nuts like almonds, hazelnuts or cashews or fish such as halibut and salmon)
  3. Drinking more water.  I sometimes forget to drink water and I know I do feel better when I make sure to include some unsweetened lemon water in my diet.
  4. Try including spicy curries made with turmeric, cinnamon, cumin and other spices because they can boost energy levels with antioxidants, normalize blood sugar levels, and promoting good circulation
  5. Eating eggs (Eggs are high in iron and protein and Choline (a type of B-vitamin that is required for brain function and energy production)
  6. Including Greek Yogurt, Chia and Kale in my diet.  
  7. Switching my coffee out for Ginger Tea once in a while.

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