Mar 5, 2014


I was watching an episode of Rachael Ray today and it had a segment on the  Napkin Notes Dad.  And I was struck again by how important it is to remember to make memories with your kids.  I need to fill their little minds with all the memories that I can make so that when they are grown, they have those precious moments to look back on.

I don't even mean just big things like great vacations or extravagant parties.

I mean little moments like the memories that are built when we go to community bbq's or other events.  Paying attention to the little girl who spends most of her time busily chatting and playing at my kneecap.  Or snuggling with daddy and drawing pictures, and surprise chocolates when he comes home from the store.  Or taking the time when I am cooking to let little girls stand on a chair and "help".  It is messy, it is slower, and it isn't organized.  But the giggles and enthusiasm are special.

I come from a family of heart disease and diabetes.  I already have high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and high blood pressure.  I am working to be healthy but you never know what the future may bring.  But even if I live to be a 101 years old, I want my kids to have lots of wonderful, warm, memories to share with their children.  I know that they will not look back and remember warmly how the laundry was done well, or how clean the kitchen was, but they will remember helping me throw clothes into the dryer, dancing in the living room, reading "I Love you, Stinky Face" for the 75th time this week, and helping me pick up the toys in their room.  And then I get to catch the little comments made while playing, discovering the things they have learned, their dreams, and the things closest to their hearts.

Taking time to treasure the every day is something that I need to remember.  I guess to me, the show reminded me that life isn't made out of big, lavish moments that you stress about and spend all your time and money trying to make happen. Memories are made up of every day moments sewn together with giggles, tears and love. 

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