Mar 23, 2014

Birthday Boy

Little Prince turned two!  Can you believe it?  He stills seems like such a sweet baby to me.  Here are some pics from out little birthday celebration.

Little Prince actually ate pretty good, he ate some french fries, some nuggets and some birthday hat. LOL

Princess Magpie and Princess Snifflefritz had a wonderful time, and were thrilled to get happy meals for a treat!

Leave it to my girls, they didn't eat their french fries but they finished off their milk and yogurt.  

They got a kick out of the birthday hats.

Even Prince Charming was game to wear the birthday hat.

As was Princess Belle.

Prince Charming helped them figure out their games. 

Then it was off to the play yard for some fun.

Princess Belle made a friend.

The little girls had fun sliding

Little Prince just enjoyed his food and his hat.

 The girls hid under the tables because they didn't want to go home afterward.

But, Little Prince was exhausted and needed to get home.

Princess Snifflefritz tried to hide under a chair to stay home.  I LOVE the pout on her face in this one LOL!

After all the little ones had a sleep, it was time for cake and presents. 

Notsosnowwhite helped Little Prince open his presents.

His big sisters were quite excited to help him open his presents too.

He seemed really to be interested in his presents.

But after a while he started showing signs of being tired again. 

Every one enjoyed blowing on the little toys I got. 

The birthday cake was a hit.

Princess Magpie "helped" him blow out his candles. 

He loved eating his cake

After he was done, it was time for him and his birthday dinosaurs to get a bath.

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