Mar 19, 2014

So that's what its like . . .

In my appointment with my doctor, she told me I have low iron.  I wasn't surprised, I have had low iron a LOT in my life.  So, I decided to start taking a multivitamin.  I made sure that it included calcium since she said that my bone density was off.

Well, I have been taking the vitamin for a few days now and I noticed yesterday that my energy was up.  In the last while, when something needed to be done, it didn't feel like I had to drag my body a million miles to get it done.  I was getting the basics done, but anything extra was just too much work.  Yesterday, I found that when something was bothering me, I actually felt like getting up and taking care of it.  I reorganized and cleaned the living room and the playroom/classroom.  I am getting things done.  I am getting the dust out of the corners.  It feels good to be moving things and finding out what the kids have hidden underneath. 

It isn't like I am super-wired  or anything, I just suddenly have the energy to be the mom that I need to be to my 4 beautiful babies.

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