Mar 9, 2013

Just thinking

I keep watching an ad for a house in rural Nova Scotia.  It is QUITE rural and it hasn't rented yet.  It has a tire swing in the front yard, it is in the country, it is large enough to accomodate everyone and still has a place for us to do homeschool, and it is an older home, which I like a lot.  I feel like it would be perfect for us, but we are stuck in our lease for a while longer yet.  I keep hoping that it will still be available when I am ready to rent. It disappeared for a week and I was heartbroken, but then last night it reappeared.  I cheered out loud when I saw it was back. 

I don't have my heart set on it, I know it may not be right, or it may not be available when we are ready to move.  I have my eyes on several other places which are all rural, all big enough and all cost less than where we are now (including a farm!), but I do like this place a lot. 


Twyla said...

Where is this place? Hope it's still available for you.

TC Harris said...

Thanks. I hope so too. It is in the Annopolis Valley.