Mar 5, 2013

Tackle it Tuesday

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I did a lot of tackles this week, but I didn't take pics of most of them.  I sorted through Little Prince's clothes, I sorted through Princes Sniffle Fritz's clothes, I sorted through Princess Magpie's clothes, I sorted through the laundry room, I cleaned and organized their bedroom, and more besides.  But for my tackle, I am going to share some organization I did in my kitchen. 
Last week, I attempted to put labels on my containers in my kitchen, they were basic, but I just wanted something to let me know at a glance what was in stuff. 
It looked pretty good when I was done.  But the next day it began to look like this: 
And some containers lost their labels altogether:
Little story about that piece of paper taped to that one cannister . . . apparently sleep-deprived, exhausted mommy's should NOT put labels on things.  I labelled two things sugar.  NEITHER one was sugar!!!  One was a sweetener and one was SALT!!!!  Guess which one I put in Princess Belle's tea??  SALT!  She was not impressed, it didn't help that I was laughing so hard I couldn't talk when she told me her tea tasted bad and I figured out why.  So, she took a peice of paper and put a new label on the cannister so nobody else would suffer like she did.
Anyway, on with todays tackle.  Today, I fixed the labels.  It still isn't what I really want, but it does look MUCH better.  Everything is sticking and everything is labelled correctly . . . I think . . . as far as I know.
Here is what I came up with for today:


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Julie said...

I had a hard time getting past the mislabled salt. *rofl* ... LOVE the new lables!!!!