Mar 18, 2013

Irish Stew

Traditional Irish Stew

(btw, by the time I remembered to take a pic, it was later and this was the only bowl left)
Purists claim that a traditional Irish Stew contains just four ingredients:
Cut all the ingredients into small pieces, put the meat and potatoes into the water (I used some beef broth as well to add a depth of flavor), add the carrots and onions, maybe a little salt and pepper and it’s done in an hour.
Some ideas for additions:
  • Many people also mention garlic. A few cloves can’t hurt.
  • Most recipes call for salt and pepper.
  • Many also mention thyme. A few mention bay leaves, parsley and sage.
  • Some recipes call for using potato water or Pearl Barley to thicken the broth. A few call for flour and others like to mash a couple of the potato chunks and let them thicken up the broth.

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