Mar 31, 2013

Late Night Moments

Last night, Little Prince woke up quite a few times.  I am not sure why but he was having a rough night.  And as I cuddled him alone in the dark, holding my one-year-old baby boy close to my chest, whispering in his ear, talking to him, rocking him and calming him down.  I didn't care that it was late.  I didn't care that I was exhausted and I really needed sleep.  I simply felt his little body slowly sinking into mine, softening from rigid and crying to soft, peaceful and calm.  I love the sweetness of his cheek pressed tightly against mine, his soft breath in my ears, him needing me to make him feel better.  I love that at this age, a cuddle from mommy can still make it all better.


Neen said...

There is nothing better. I think it is a taste of Heaven.

Julie said...

He is so precious. :) ... I miss those days!