Mar 21, 2013

One Year Old!

My handsome, funny, cuddly, little guy is a FULL YEAR old today!  It is hard to believe!  He is such a sweet boy and he is completely adored and spoiled by all his big sisters.  It is funny to see how very busy he is compared to how his older sisters were at his age.  Trying to a photo session with him is like trying to wrangle a baby octopus.  His arms and legs are going everywhere and he is always trying to run away to investigate something far more interesting than mommy's old camera.  He makes me laugh out loud, even if it is hard as heck to get good pics of him.  I am so grateful that we were blessed with this little boy.  I remember every day how very blessed I am to be able to love this little sweetie (and all my sweet babies!).

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