Mar 16, 2013


We have been making plans for our move this summer and it looks like it is going to happen a full MONTH sooner than we had planned.  And it looks like it is going to cost a full $1000 more than we had planned.  It is a little scary and it means that we are going to have to SUPER-DUPER-WORK-REALLY-HARD save for this move.  I had a budget based on the extra time and the lesser quote, so now I am more than a little stressed.  I am cancelling all extraneous activities, sticking to our menu plan and really working hard to get this done. 

The only good thing about it means that it is possible that I will be out of this bad neighourhood a month sooner so we can enjoy our summer in the country.  That part sounds okay to me and I am holding it as consolation for the things we are giving up for the next few months.. 


Robyn said...

Anything you could sell that will really only take up valuable space on the moving truck and will make clutter at the new place? We have an online market place called "Gumtree" in Australia and it is handy for decluttering grown out of bikes,cupboards that have turned into junk storage etc. Also easier than using ebay.

Jori said...

Good luck! I'm glad you will be moving to a better place!

Moving is hard isn't it? When we moved from Las Vegas to Missouri our movers quoted one price, and on the day of our move, after half of our stuff was loaded, they told us it was going to be more than double the original quote. :(