Mar 7, 2013

And in the category of hair disasters, the award goes to . . .

So I have been dyeing my hair black for months now.  But since having Little Prince, I have also been losing a LOT of hair.  So much so, that it was pretty obvious that you could see my scalp through the black hair.  So I decided it was time to get rid of the black.  And . . . I did the unthinkable, I tried to do it at home. AAAAGGHH, run, don't try this at home kids. 

Here is what I started with (these pics are blurry and not very good, but they are what I have):

And after consulting with an expert at the makeup counter, and hours of work, I came up with this lovely, multi-colored conglomeration:

The little girls declared it beautiful (they are always easy on the ego, those girls. LOL).  Princess Belle said it looks like something a teenager would have (that is her biggest compliment as she thinks teenagers are the best thing in the world).  And Prince Charming said that he knew it wasn't I was going for but that it was cool and he liked it. 

So, in the interest of NOT processing my hair any more and making MORE hair fall out, I am going to live with it for a while.  Me and my multi-colored mane will be okay for now.  LOL

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