Jul 5, 2012

Busy day.

It was a super-busy day today.  I went to the fruit and vegetable market and got quite a bit of fresh fruits and veggies.  I am really concentrating on eating mainly fruits and veggies for myself.  This week I am even experimenting with eating as many of them as possible raw to see how I feel.

I also did some other running around today as well and one of the things I did was get a birthday present for my friend's daughter.  Princess Belle is going over there for a birthday sleepover party and I want her to have a good time.  Some of the kids on our street have her intimidated.  So much so that she avoids going outside when they are there.  It makes me sad to see her so bothered by her inability to blend in  and it breaks my heart to see other kids giving her a hard time.



Laura said...

Kids can be so mean! I am so sorry your Princess Belle is going through that. So great that she is going to a birthday party! :)

I love fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms! We do a CSA box, so it is so much fun to experiment with all the fresh produce. My new favourite is definitely garlic scapes.

Julie said...

I have a problem with some of the neighbor girls around here being mean to my little Amanda. She is small for her age, and they don't always treat her very well... What's sad is she is so desperate to play with them, that she lets them be mean to her. :(

I wish I could protect her from all the pain in the world. :(