Jul 12, 2012

Getting it done

I am happy with the way things are coming here.  The house is starting to look good, I am catching up on the laundry I was unable to do in my last place and this house is so bright and sunny it looks so nice when I clean it, that it motivates me to keep it extra shiny. 

I am even organizing better and getting things tip-top.  After I am finished this version of Mount Laundry, I am going to attack all our boxes that we have in storage.  I want to go through them, get rid of things we don't need and organize them better.  

Little Prince is doing so well.  He is absolutely the smilingest baby I have ever seen and I LOVE it.  He is such a sweet happy little guy. 


Laura said...

I'm not quite sure you have the smiliest baby ever, because I am pretty sure that is my Gavin, but I can concede a close second. ;) (just kidding). Isn't it awesome to have a happy baby?!

Julie said...

He's soooooooo cute!