Jul 3, 2012

Forcing Mommy to take cuddle time.

I have been working hard, organizing, unpacking and making this lovely home comfortable and lived in and organized.  Today I was crazy busy, unpacking, doing laundry, watching my four kids and getting things done.  But every so often, Little Prince would decide that it was time for mommy to stop what she was doing and come cuddle.  When he gets like that, nothing makes him feel better but a nice LONG cuddle with mommy. And suddenly I am forced to sit down and spend some time with him.  And after all, cuddling with an adorable little man isn't such a bad thing to be forced to do, now is it?


Suji said...

Oh, he is adorable! :)

Julie said...

How I miss those days... Yes, CUDDLE all the time! They days pass too quickly!