Jul 29, 2012

Short note

I am completely exhausted due to children who think mommy is not allowed to sleep, so this is a short note.

I am have been experimenting with doing more things on of my own.  My latest was making my own chili powder.  I had some ground chiles that I got from a store so I gave it a shot.  it is really good!  I am going to take it a step further and buy some chiles to dry and grind on my own.  That should be fun.  If I can get that down, I am going to make my own taco seasoning too!  I keep them in mason jars in my pantry.  I have some ideas about my pantry too, but I will share those another time.  For now, I am going to go get some sleep before one of the kids decides it is time to wake me up.

Here is a pic of Little Prince when he was first born and when he turned 4 months old.

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Julie said...

Hope you got some sleep!