Jul 20, 2012

Friday Five

  1. I joined a biggest loser type contest, so hopefully that motivates me to get back to losing weight properly and getting back to being healthy. 
  2. I bought a new set of scales to that end. 
  3. I bought some pants for Princess Belle, Zellers had a sale and I thought they were $5 each and it turned out that they were $2.50 each!!!  Score!
  4. Princess Snifflefritz has taken to taking off her clothes every chance she gets.  I hope this little trend ends soon!
  5. I bought a camera (to replace the one that was stolen) at a little pawn shop type place yesterday and it is exactly the same as my favorite camera that broke a year or so ago.  I am SOOO happy to have a camera again!


JulieBug said...

Good luck on your contest! You can do it. :) How awesome to get such a deal on pants for Princess Belle. Always great to find those deals. I am happy you were able to get a camera and your favorite one to boot! Now I want pictures. ;) haha

Julie said...

My oldest girl, Alicia, was a stripper when she was a tot. I sure was glad when she outgrew that! *lol*