Jul 10, 2012

update on Princess Magpie

I did a photo update on Princess Belle and left you with a promise of more to come.  So here are some pics of Princess Magpie taken during my absence from this blog:

In January on the ferry over here, enjoying headphones for the first time

 Finally having  a place to sit in our new home, she climbed right up with her sister to read a book
In March, meeting her new baby brother for the first time
 dressing up in her own silly way
 Her first outing with all of us including her new baby brother
 On the swing in April
 Sitting on her big sister's top bunk, which is why there is no bunk bed in her room anymore.
 In May playing at the park with freinds
 taking a quiet moment to herself at the park
 In June on World Oceans Day

1 comment:

Julie said...

I can't believe how big she has gotten. Seems like you were just announcing that you were pregnant with her, and now you have two more also! *lol*