Jul 16, 2012

Update on Princess Snifflefritz

I have done a photo update on Princess Belle and one of Princess Magpie.  So I thought it was time to do one of Princess Snifflefritz next.
On the ferry from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia when we were moving
 Making a silly face with her breakfast of oatmeal
 meeting her brother for the first time
 with a dirty face playing at a friends house
 playing with bubbles
love that smile, even if is blurry
 peeking out at me from the back of an empty shelf in the entertainment center

 enjoying the warm weather

at the waterfront pointing to the boats 


Goose Hill Farm said...

Hello there~

WHAT A PRECIOUS FACE! :D She is truly adorable!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit....it's so nice to meet you!

Praying you have a wonderful week!


Julie said...

She's such a little dolly! So cute!