Jul 20, 2012

Fun at the Tall Ships Festival

We took the kids out to the Tall Ships Festival here in town.  It was a great day and by the time we got home everyone was exhausted.  We walked in the to door and Princess Magpie disappeared.  When we went to look to see where she went and she said, "My has gotta go to bed, okay?"  And at that Princess Snifflefritz piped up, "My wants go to bed too!" So they both went to bed and we never saw them again all night.

Looking out the window waiting to go see tall ships
 Fell asleep as soon as we left
Panning for Gold
 Digging for Buried Treasure
 Sitting for the Pirate Play, Princess Magpie kept holloring out to the Pirates that she wanted to be a pirate too and one pirate pulled her up on the stage.  She kept holloring out to them anda lot of the times they would respond to her.  It was really cute!
 I am not sure why this pic came out way down here, but I am too tired to move it, so this is us on our way to the Tall Ships Festival.
 Pirates sword fighting, she told the Captain that he had an umbrella not a sword and he looked down and said that she was right, he did.
 I loved that the girl in the play was just as tough as the others.
 The entire cast
 They called Princess Belle up on stage and she was ever so proud to be a puppy. 
 They called a bunch of kids up to be seagulls.  Princess Magpie wanted to be a seagull too and when we didn't let her get up, she decided to play her part right where she was sitting. 

 Singing in the play
 Dancing in the play
 The Pirate in the play who pulled up on stage
 On a ferry looking at a helicopter, the kids were thrilled that the soldiers on board waved at them.
 Meeting Spiderman.  I loved that he had an English Accent.  LOL
 One of the ships

 Theodore Tugboat
 Little Prince Sporting his very first tattoo.
 Again, I am not sure why this popped up way down here, this was on our way down to the Tall ships again.
 In the Haunted Pirates Adventure.  Princess Belle went in with Prince Charming and I.  She was TERRIFIED!
 One of the Pirates
 Eating kettle corn

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Julie said...

Awww! You wiped the little ones out. So cute that they took themselves off to bed. *lol*

Sounds like a fun day!