Jul 2, 2012

Photo Update on Princess Belle

Here are some pics of Princess Belle over the last couple of months.  She has done so well here in the city.  She loves it here and I am glad to see her thriving.

Here she is with her grandmother (my mom) whom she hadn't see in six years.  If you like, I can go into that with you guys on another post.
Here she is at world Oceans day meeting a mermaid.
Here is is that same day on a playset shaped like a ship.
Meeting a busker who decided to teach her a little.
Seeing fish at World Oceans Day
At the playground playing with Princess Snifflefritz.  She is a great big sister.

Playing with Little Prince

We loving going down to the waterfront even if it is just to enjoy a trip on the ferry.
Who doesn't love cotton candy??
Dressed like a medieval princess.

reunited with a friend she has known since birth but hasn't seen for quite a few years.
Meeting the skaters at Stars On Ice
With me at Stars On Ice
With her friend at Stars On Ice
In February before her haircut.

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Julie said...

Belle is getting so big! It's too bad she can't meet my girls. They would get along so well!