Jul 1, 2012

Twisted Cinderalla is BACK!!

While this post may be more like a whisper than a roar, I am back!  I found changing my persona was like putting on a stiff pair of new shoes, while I gave it a full six months to break my new blog persona in, it always felt stiff and awkward.  So, here I am, back in my comfortable old blog, feeling all warm and happy to be back.

I am loving living in Nova Scotia and barring the fact that in moving so far away, I didn't know I was moving into a slum with VERY scary neighbours who bashed in our door robbed us while we were moving to a better neighbourhood, I am still happy to be here.  Summer has always been my favorite time of year to be in HRM.

I thought it might be nice, if I shared some pics of my new home.  It is small, but it is bright and clean, has a nice yard and has lovely neighbours.  It is perfect for us.  For now, Little Prince is sharing a room with us, Princess Magpie and Princess Snifflefritz are sharing a room, and Princess Belle has her own room.  This will work for a few years and I hope to find a new way to make it work so we don't have to move again to a bigger home in a few years.  I am just so happy here. I am settling in, putting up curtains and pictures, buying things for the yard, making it beautiful. 

Unfortunately the awful robbers stole our camera so it will be a few weeks before I can share new pics with you but luckily I have taken a lot in the last few months and I will be sharing my favorites of those in the coming days.  I am planning on posting on each of the kids so that you can see how they have grown and changed in the last few months.

So here is a virtual tour of our home with pics take while the workers were still fixing it up:

This the front door.  One of three doors into our place.  There is also one in the kitchen that goes off to a little bridge with a clothes line and one in the basement that goes out to the back yard. 
The little space there next to it perfectly fits a crib and serves perfect to be a place to put the baby when he isn't sleeping in our room.

 This is more of the living room.  I love the idea of having a fireplace at Christmas and we have our entertainment center next to the fireplace so the whole wall is a focal wall.
 This is our kitchen.  I love how big and bright and airy it is.

 This is the hallway from the kitchen.  From here you can see the linen closet, the bathroom door, the top of the stairs and the edge of the door to our bedroom.
 This is our bedroom.  It is fairly large.  It is big enough to have a sleeping area for us, one for Little Prince, some dressers, and an office area as well.
 This is the view of our yard from our bedroom window.
 This is our bathroom.  It is actually lovely with all new fixtures except the PINK BATHTUB!!!!  Who has a pink bathtub????  Oh well, it is still nice.
 This is the way downstairs.  I have a hamper there at the bottom of the stairs and it sits right next to the laundry/furnace room.
 This is the laundry/furnace room.  It is quite big as well and has been freshly painted, even the floors.
 These are some shelves that are in the laundry/furnace room.  Very handy for storage and my deep freeze fits perfectly in front of them.
 This is Princess Belle's room.  She is thrilled to have her own room.  She gets a bunk bed that has a futon on bottom and a desk and a television.  She is so excited!
 This is the room where Princess Magpie and Princess Snifflefritz sleep.  They love it and prefer it to any other area of the house.  I can't wait to fix it up for them. 

There is also a storage area under the stairs that I didn't take a pic of.  This is so much better and brighter than our last two homes.  It isn't perfect but it is homey and comfortable and it is nostalgic because we lived in this house EIGHT YEARS AGO!

So that is all for now.  My first post here in six months and I feel like I am talking to old friends, I have so much to share I can't wait to come back and share some more!


Susan Evans said...

I've had my stuff stolen several times, too; that's a bummer. :( Thanks for sharing the pictures. I had to laugh at the pink bath tub, but at least pink is better than a peuky pea green from the 70's, which is what my bath tub is! LOL

JulieBug said...

Oh how awful about the burglary! I'm sorry. What a great new place though! And, have I said yet, welcome back! :)

Julie said...

They stole your camera! How awful!!!!! :( I would be so upset! :(

But how cool that you used to live in the same house! :D