Jul 8, 2012

Sunday Six

  1. So much fun being in a new place.  There are all kind of new things to discover such as the fact that the oven doesn't work
  2. The drain in the laundry room backs up when I do laundry.
  3. The door to the laundry room is off it's hinges
  4. The neighbour children like to torture my daughter and it is making her self-conscious about herself.
  5. On the upside, I have discovered that I LOVE drying clothes on the line.  the smell is wonderful.
  6. I LOVE letting my girls run and stomp and make as much noise as they want too.


Anonymous said...


I popped over from "Goose Hill Farm".
Your children look so sweet.


Julie said...

I hope the landlord fixes some of those problems...