Jul 24, 2012

Back to cloth diapering

Now that I am in a house with a washer of my own that I don't have to pay to use, I am back to cloth diapering.  I am glad to be at it.  I love how cute all the little diapers are and I love that I am saving money!

And Princess Magpie is wearing only underpants during the day now.  She has been a challenge to potty train but we are getting there.  I am not sure whether she is just holding it until naptime and bedtime when we put on a pull-up but she is keeping her underwear dry.

So big things are happening with little hineys in my house.  LOL

I had to stop using my baby carrier as it was hurting Little Prince's legs.  So, we are looking into getting a maya wrap or something similar that will be more comfortable for us both.

I have to laugh at Prince Charming he is such a regular, fisherman's son type that he can't figure out he ended up with a cloth diapering, composting, recycling, baby wearing, homeschooling, vegetarian. LOL  I tell him, I don't know how I turned into one!


Byron Bay said...

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Julie said...

We tried cloth diapers once, with Jared... He had a rash the entire time. We were glad to go back to disposables. *lol* ... Besides, I don't do well with the poopy ones. ;)