May 19, 2015

Bits and Bobs

Here are some random thoughts floating around in my head today:

1.  I am still working on Little Prince's sleep and eating habits.  His sleep is going better (for now anyway) but his eating not so much.  But we keep trying!  I am so in love with this little bundle of sweetness.

2.  I love how Princess Magpie loves to entertain her brother.  She is so cute singing, dancing and playing with him.

3.  I packed up a box of his toys yesterday and he never even noticed!

4.  The kids are no longer sick, YAY!  I am now getting a sore throat . . . it sucks, but I can handle it. 

5.  I am trying to come up with healthy foods to make for meals for my whole family.  It is a challenge but I like doing my best to come up with some.

6.  I am still an emotional wreck who cries every time I so much as think of saying goodbye to my friends.

7.  On the other hand, I have some groups from new town on facebook and I am getting excited by some of the things there.

8.  We got a little behind in our schooling this year, so I am hoping to do some summer school after we move so that we can be caught up by September.

9.  I love how much the little girls love to 'help' me pack.  It is cute to see them get excited.  I laugh as they love the boxes just as much as putting stuff in them. LOL

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