May 31, 2015

On Pins and Needles.

 On Monday, I am hoping to find out when I will get to move into my new home.  It is hard for this uber-organized person to be in limbo waiting to find out for sure.  I like to have a definite date so that I can make plans, book things, arrange things, prepare.  All the sorts of things a control freak like myself likes to do and has gotten used to doing with all of our moves.  If moving has taught me two things it is how to purge unneeded items and how to prepare for a move.

In the meantime, to keep from going crazy, I am packing.  My goal is that no matter how busy I am, no matter how tired I am from lack of sleep (3 hours last night, thank you adorable Little Prince!), I still have to pack at least one or two boxes.  Today, I even did seven!  Lack of sleep didn't stop me!  I am feeling good about what I have done.  I need to get at the boxes in our upstairs hallway, but I have a lot of things done.  I am glad that I have arranged for two separate landing zones for boxes that are not in our way and that are hidden so that I don't have to look at them.  The clutter would make me crazy!

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