May 30, 2015

Saturday Photohunt: RED

The Saturday PhotoHunt for this week is 'RED'.  This one was fairly easy for me.  I LOVE red.  It is my favorite color.  So there is LOTS of red in my life. 

This first one is of Little Prince in his red jacket. I love his smile in this pic.

The next picture is of my Mother's Day gifts.  My family knows that red is my favorite color and so there was lots of it there!

The next picture is of the little girls helping me mix cupcake batter in a red bowl.

And of course there was red in the Valentine's Day pictures I took this year:

And finally there was red in the Christmas pics I took:

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Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

So fun!
Happy Hunting ~

Sue Demeter-St Clair said...

Sweet pics! Red is such a cheerful colour :)