May 17, 2015

Apparently I am losing it

Apparently I am losing it.  Don't get me wrong, I know this move will be a good thing.  This new place is in a wonderful town with outgoing, friendly people and I know we will have a happy family life there and I really think that this could be a place to really settle down and raise my family.  I do want that, I really do. 

But . . . . I am going to miss my friends.  I was sitting chatting with my neighbor yesterday and we started to talk about when I leave and my coming back to visit.  I burst into tears!!!  I was watching a show where someone was moving and saying goodbye to all her friends, and I started crying again.  I am almost crying now.

  • I like going on all day shopping trips with my friend where we hit all the best shops and get all the best deals.  
  • I like taking the day to go to all the best thrift shops.  
  • I like family bbqs and holidays together.
  • I like girls night out.  
  • I like having someone to chat with.  
  • I like knowing my neighbors and really caring about them.  
So, even though my new home town will be a fabulous place to live and I know we will be happy, I am a little sad too.  I think that if I could know the exact date and think about preparing instead of leaving, I can get myself together.  But in the meantime, I just keep freaking crying and I am driving myself crazy! 

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