May 31, 2015

Interesting Coincidence

I have thought about the fact that as a child, I moved a lot.  I didn't really mind.  And for the most part it was an adventure always heading out to more exciting places.  As an adult, it is tiring and a lot of work.  I also would like my kids to have the experience of having a home base, somewhere to come home to, somewhere to remember as the place they grew up. 

When I was thirteen, we stopped moving.  We stayed in the one town until the year I graduated high school.  Now I wasn't the oldest child, but I think it is an interesting coincidence that we are moving now and my oldest child is thirteen too.  Maybe this could be the gift I give my kids . . . the gift of stability.  A small town to grow in, to thrive in, and to be free and to be safe in.  I like the idea of Yarmouth being our home town. 

The idea of having building traditions and memories in one place is a lovely one.  I like the idea of small town Christmases, of summers at the waterfront and of making friends that we can build traditions with too.  I like the idea of organizing and planning my home for the future.  Of making somewhere my home and really digging in and getting comfy there.  I really long for that. 

It is easier to get used to the idea of leaving my friends behind, if I concentrate on the idea that this is our last town (maybe a new house at some point since I haven't actually seen this one, but in this town!).  My kids deserve stability and maybe this can give it to them.  And maybe I can give it to myself too. 

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