May 6, 2015


We have a place lined up!  It isn't here in town, but it is in a town that I really like. 

When we were there a couple of years ago and it felt like the kind of place we could call home.  We were actually stranded there and everyone was so helpful and kind.  The street we are moving to is a quiet neighborhood with a big beautiful park at about 5 - 8 minutes walk away.  

There is a big, fun, farmers market there and since there is such a rich historical heritage in that community there are several museums right there in town.  

Prince Charming will be happy to be out of the city, Princess Belle will be happy to have a bit more freedom and the littles will be happy to have a yard (and a park) to play in.  And, I already know several homeschooling families in the area, and I have already heard from one of them who found out I was moving to town!

The rent is half what I would pay here in town and for that cost, I can afford solutions to any storage issues I may have from the size difference in the houses.

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