May 14, 2015


Until we get the firm moving date from my new landlords, I am limited in some of the things I can do to prepare.  but today, I decided to get started.  
  1. I went through the storage closet and made sure everything was in boxes. 
  2. I purged some things, putting some in the donate pile and some in the garbage pile.  
  3. I piled empty bags against the wall for future use.  
  4. I also packed up some of our movies and our winter coats.  
I figure, if I get started doing a little at a time when I have the energy, by the time the end of the month comes and I get a move-in-date, I will be well on my way to being ready.

So here is what is left in my coat closet, just a few light jackets for the cooler days. 

This is my little storage closet.  The bags in the back are empty and ready for emergency moving use.  The bag on the floor contains air mattresses, should we need them on moving day.  

This is my pile of donation items.  it is huge and it feels good to be lightening up my storage stuff.  

I also thought of two good things to make me feel better about this move.
  1. First, one thing I love about our current home in it's proximity to the harbour.  I love watching the boats, and I love watching the water.  It is relaxing to me.  And while our new house may not be as close to the water, our new hometown is a fishing village.  It is all about boats and water and fishing.  There is even a festival called seafest and another for the day they put the lobster traps in the water!!  So this move will not mean giving up my beloved water.  
  2. Secondly, we almost moved there three years ago.  We loved it there and we really wanted to move there, but we suffered a HUGE financial setback shortly before our move and we had to change our plans.  This move is more like getting back on track to our original plan. 

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