May 31, 2015

Before and After!

Little Prince HATES haircuts.  I do my best to hack away at his hair while trying not to freak him out.  It doesn't make for a great haircut but it makes him more presentable.  So today, I bit the bullet and did his hair.

This is my best attempt to cut his hair. He HATES it and it turns into a circus of me trying to avoid the grabby fingers while also trying to cut hair on a head that is hysterically pulling away. It isn't the best but he didn't cry toooo much so I will take it for now.  Oh well he loved the bath so that is something.

Here are a couple of pics him a couple of days ago before his cut:

And here is a pic of him contemplating the evil devices of torture (combs LOL) today after a bath and a haircut:

Now, I just have to get his fingernails cut and his grooming needs are taken care of.  I do NOT look forward to that!

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