Apr 15, 2014

Letting Go

I have always been a relaxed type of parent.  I am not afraid of a few bumps and bruises on the way to learning and fun.  I like kids to have a little freedom to explore and have fun, within an easy distance to me that is.  Now I will admit that when it comes to people saying and doing things to my kids, my momma bear tends to come out, but other than that we have a very relaxed house.

But I can feel that with every fibre of my being, I will be over-protective of Little Prince.  Because of his autism and because of his lack of speech, I don't feel he understands things, so I know it will be a struggle for me to learn to let him learn the way his sisters did.  I want to cocoon him in my arms in a safe haven of love and protection.  I think that this will be something that I will have to learn.