Apr 2, 2014


After ANOTHER day running around getting things done, I actually feel like I am getting caught up.  I look forward to a normal day at home all day tomorrow.  I really am a homebody most of the time.  I am funny, I like to be home most of the time, but I do like to have some options available to me for those days when I want to get out of the house.  LOL, I guess I can't be pleased.

I did get the girls a few new pairs of leggings.  I got the cutest pairs for $4 each.  And for girls who as hard on their clothes as mine are, that is a good deal!

I even spent a little on myself!  I NEVER do that, it has been a full year since I last had my hair done, but I went out and got it done.  It felt so good to do a little something for myself for a change.  I feel like it looks like I care about how I look.  I was inspired to put ear rings in again and to dig out my make-up in case I decide to put a little on one day.

I was thrilled when the hairdresser exclaimed over how my hair is so thick!  That means that my efforts to improve my nutrition so that I would stop losing my hairs have worked.  My hair is thick again!  woohoo!

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