Apr 11, 2014

TOS Review: Supercharged Science Online

Supercharged eScience Review
I was excited when I was given the opportunity to review an e-Science  Premium Membership from Supercharged Science.   I received a six-month subscription to the full site. Supercharged Science is an online science learning program which is jam packed full of fun and exciting, self-guided hands-on science experiments that you can complete in your own home.

The teacher, Aurora Lipper, who is a mechanical engineer, pilot, astronomer, university instructor, scientist and homeschool teacher and mother, has a way of making science come to life in her simple and easy to follow videos and step by step instructions. The cost of the e-Science Premium Membership is $37 a month (for K-8) or $57 a month (for K-12) the advanced Grade 5 and up and High School level program. This review covers the K-12 level.

Supercharged eScience Review

I used this with Princess Magpie who is in Kindergarten and Princess Belle who is in Grade 6. But I have to admit, Princess Snifflefritz who is only 4 got in on the action too.  The experiments were too much fun for her to miss out on.  Actually after we finished an experiment they could be heard in their room pretending to do more experiments.  LOL, what a fun way to learn!

I liked how I was able to integrate the experiments with the curriculum I was already using with Princess Belle.  There were two experiments with celery that we really enjoyed!  So with Princess Belle I used the experiments to illustrate the things we were learning and with Princess Magpie, I used it as a complete science curriculum and in each case it worked perfectly and the kids were inspired to continue learning about science because of the fun they were having.

Supercharged eScience Review

In this science curriculum you are provided with:
  • classroom style lessons and demonstrations
  • over 800 experiments, projects and activities
  • online textbook readings for the older students
  • exercises and quizzes
  • and more – if you’d like to learn more you can take a look at a longer explanation here.

There are a number of different ways to use the program.  You can let the student choose a topic that sounds interesting and dive into learning. Or you can choose to do grade appropriate material because the topics have been organized by grades, dividing them into the categories most commonly taught to each grade level (this is what I did with Princess Magpie).  With Princess Belle I used the program by searching by topic.  I wanted to choose the topics that best fit with the place we were in our other curriculum.  Supercharged Science has a conversion chart that lists many popular science curricula, and it matches the book topics with experiments available on the website. And, if your science book of choice is not on the list, they offer to match up experiments with your book for you!!!

Supercharged eScience Review
This hands on science is a great fit for my girls.  They thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and were excited by the experiments. I really liked all the tools (the videos, the text, the quizzes) that are available to help you use the site effectively as well as the Getting Started page and there is also a wonderful a User's Guide available to help you make the most of everything available.

The creators of Supercharged Science are offering a Free Copy of the Science Activity Video Series and Guidebook. Aurora has also included a few extra bonuses for you! Here is a link to another set of free Science Activities. You can also gain access to the whole website for only $1 (this is good for one month of access)!

Vendor: Supercharged Science
Product Name:  e-Science Premium Membership
Received: a six month e-Science Premium Membership online subscription
For use: Free Copy of the Science Activity Video Series and Guidebook.
Age Range: This resource is intended for all grade levels (K-12).
Price: K-8 students, the membership is $37 per month, add highschool $57/month

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