Apr 17, 2014


I don't get out of the house much lately.  I have too much to do and the kids always seem to need me for something.  But when I do go out for something as simple as groceries, it is nice.  Funny thing is, the best part is coming home again (other than human contact, the sun and the fresh air).  I love that moment when I walk in, with bags in hand, and they all come running to the door.  Princess Belle wants to look and see what I got, no item is too small to be of notice.  Princess Magpie and Princess Snifflefritz are each tugging at me, anxious to show me all the things that they have done and accomplished while I was gone.  Little Prince usually wants mommy to bring him even more food than he has eaten already (as long as it is waffles for peanut butter sandwiches lol).   Even Prince Charming is anxious to tell me what he has read or heard, who he has talked to and to share things he has seen that he thought I might enjoy.

So in exchange for an occasional day out, I get a bonus affirmation of how much they all love me . . . not a bad day at all.

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