Apr 29, 2014

TOS Crew Review: The Brinkman Adventures

Brinkman Adventures Review
Princess Belle loves adventures and we both love homeschooling...so when we were the opportunity to receive The Brinkman Adventures audio-drama about a homeschooling family and some adventures they experienced, we were both really excited. We received a digital download ofThe Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24.

The Brinkman Adventures operates on a donation basis. The suggested price is $25.00 or $17.00 for the digital downloads.  The set includes 4 CD's which includes 12 episodes and 5 + hours of listening pleasure.

The dramas are stories for all ages, so they can be enjoyed by the whole family together.  Occasionally an episode will specify (on the recording) that it would be best for ages 10 and up due to intense situations.

You can listen to a sample of The Brinkman Adventures.  You can also learn more about the story behind each episode but you may want to listen to them first so the ending isn't spoiled!  I needed to download the digital files as either mp3s or mp4s to be able to play them on my computer.  I just downloaded them to my computer and played them through my media player, while Princess Belle on the couch and listened with headphones on. 

Brinkman Adventures Review

The Brinkman Adventures are family audio dramas made by a Christian family.  The Brinkmans have mom and dad and 9 children.  Princess Belle loved that their family was even bigger than ours and was totally thrilled to learn that the kids all play themselves!  She loved the idea that she was listening to the actual kids who went through the adventures.  She didn't care at all that the mom and dad are played by actors.

We were introduced to the Brinkmans in their second season, but I didn’t feel like we had missed any vital information not having heard season one.  I would suggest listening to the episodes in order because some story lines carry over from story to story.  Even without the first season, Princess Belle thoroughly enjoyed the stories, the acting, the sound effects, and the music.  The stories are compelling, exciting, and educational.  After she finished listening she insisted on going to the web page so that she could see the stories behind the stories.  And each episode is about fifteen minutes long- making them perfect for a little time to relax and listen after we finished our other homeschool world. Two of the episodes have two parts, a continuation in the following episode, which Princess Belle insisted on listening to all at once. LOL

The stories all weave in the family interacting with missionaries.  We travel to different countries and different time periods.  Sometimes when a missionary is telling a story, the drama goes back in time and acts out that story.  Princess Belle would often stop the Mp3 for a moment so that she could repeat some cute or interesting thing that she had heard. 

Each of the stories are based on real life missionary stories. Princess Belle enjoyed the stories while learning about topics such as witnessing in Muslim countries, Bible smuggling, rescuing children in slave trades, and searching for Mayan treasures.  There is an amazing amount of information and excitment packed into the stories - everything from famous people, character building, geography, vocabulary, and historical facts.  My kids love learning about different countries and cultures, so it was fun for Princess Belle to realize that these stories take place all over the world: China, Mexico, Belize, and even a fictitious middle Eastern country called Bazakistan.  And I really loved that wonderful lessons such as doing hard work and not complaining. 

Overall, I am really happy to have had this opportunity to review Season 2 of The Brinkman Adventures! Princess Belle thoroughly enjoyed these amazing missionary stories. I highly recommend this wonderful series to any family who have the desire to teach their children about missions through highly captivating, true life missionary stories. You will not be disappointed with The Brinkman Adventures!

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