Apr 14, 2014


Well Little Prince had his therapists visit today.  He was in no mood to participate and just wandered around playing and making us laugh.  But it was nice to sit and chat with the therapist while we discussed his progress and future plans.  She did say she was going to get me a letter which would help me with the plans I am making for the future!  So that was exciting!

I told her how he had said two new words and then refused to say any words at all for the last five days.  We also talked about how he used to wave bye bye and clap his hands, but he hasn't done that since he was about a year old.  She said that is actually a sign of autism.  The way he learns new skills and then loses them.  It was a nice visit.

I have been feeling lonely, longing for adult conversation, isolated and missing the city the last couple of days, so having someone sit and chat and make me laugh and just let me act like an adult made me feel a lot better.

She is also going to talk to someone about having Princess Magpie do an ADOS test.  I talked about her today about the way she is so OCD and some of the things she does, and how she has an INCREDIBLE memory.  I told her that as long as she was home with me, I wasn't really concerned about getting a diagnosis, but she said she was going to see if she could get a test done on her any way because it may come in handy in the future.


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