May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random things about Twisted Cinderella
  2. I have a busy day today. Prince Charming's graduation ceremony is today.
  3. I am so proud of him. He worked hard and he deserves this.
  4. His mother came into town for his graduation and she is sooo proud of him too.
  5. I am already having troubles fitting into my clothes. I can't believe I am only this far along and all my pants are getting tight in the belly.
  6. I am crazy for Raisin Bran cereal these days. In the last few weeks I have eaten it for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, all sorts of things and I have gone through two boxes!!!
  7. I took Little Princess with me grocery shopping today. She was so funny because she asked for everything she saw, but then just moved on to the next thing, when I said no. She talked to everyone she saw, making them all smile.
  8. She has started talking with her hands, gesturing like crazy. it is adorable to see her explaining things with her little hands waving about like crazy.
  9. I saw my first advertisement of the season for Big Brother! I can't wait. I wonder what the theme will be this year . . . .
  10. It was nice spending the day with Grandma Great today. I just enjoy her company.
  11. She is so over-worked and stressed these days, that I hope she just enjoys her time here and relaxes.
  12. I hope to be able to buy a few maternity items this month if possible, it would be nice to have that ready.
  13. Grandma great says she has some at home from my Sister-in-Law that she will send down too, so if she does that will be great.

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    Di said...

    Raisin healthy and commendable. Mine was Egg Foo Young (which I never ate before or after pregnancy) from really bad Chinese take-out places.

    Natalie said...

    I loved chocolate milk when I was pregnant. I still like it, but I no longer crave it like that.

    I like Raisin Bran too - but not with chocolate milk! :)

    Moby Dick said...

    Cool costume, and an interesting blog!

    Wylie Kinson said...

    I can't believe Melinda is out!!!

    Kat said...

    Congrats to your Hubby! And I still can't believe AI last night!

    Lazy Daisy said...

    I was shocked to see Melinda go too but know she will have a great career. I'm been on the road lately so hadn't heard your wonderful news. Congrats to you and the Prince. Sounds like a happy time in your life right now and I'm doing a happy dance for you too!

    Mz Jackson said...

    I always had to start wearing maternity clothes early too, so I know what you mean!
    Congrats to Prince Charming!

    Courtney said...

    Congrats to Prince Charming! And I can't believe Melinda got booted either! I don't like this trend that AI is developing of the best singer NOT winning! lol I am STILL upset over Chris Daughtry not winning from last season.

    Sparky Duck said...

    congrats to Prince Charming! Melinda is stunning, and yet it was not, ya know?

    Anonymous said...

    I'm having trouble fitting into my clothes, too. Unfortunately, I'm male and not pregnant.