May 6, 2007


They are closing down my daughters day care. I am so sad for all the wonderful people who work there. The lady who runs it is a wonderful lady who is due anytime to have a baby of her own. Everyone there has been kind and considerate of my baby and I am sad that they are all out of work now. In the history of this province no other day care has ever had it's liscence revoked. Ever!

On the other hand, maybe Little Princess will be happier. There is a little boy there who torments her daily. I can't tell you the number of times she has come home with stories of this little boy and things he has done to her, said about her, and left her crying in her bed at night. She doesn't like it there. She never wants to leave in the mornings. She won't eat there. Maybe a new daycare with a new environment will be good for her. This new daycare isn't ideal, but it at least has never had it's lisence revoked and it is close by. Maybe Little Princess will be happier.

I wish only the best for all the wonderful people at her old daycare. I hope that they all move on to great things. I am sad for them and for this situation. I am sad for all the kids who have made connections and friendships that will now have to be parted. I am sad for all the parents left floundering wondering what to do now. This is so sad and so hard and I wish I had a fairy Godmother today to make it all better for everyone.

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