May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random things about Twisted Cinderella
  1. I have decided to start trying to be healthier in my food choices during this pregnancy. Not really weight related, but just eat more fruits and veggies and less junk.
  2. I am so glad that we get to get groceries tomorrow. I am pretty darned low on food at the moment!
  3. I made squares last night. They were super-yummy and super bad for you. But it was nice to have a treat.
  4. Grandma Great has Norwalk Virus. Poor thing has been so sick. She was in the hospital for 3 days.
  5. She is out now and over at her sisters. We wanted her to come here, but she was afraid to pass along the virus to me. I appreciate her concern. We did call into the provincial health line to see if it would harm me and they said it wouldn't but I can understand Grandma Great concern.
  6. She is just so overworked and so worn out I need her to get some rest.
  7. Grandma Great is one of my favorite people in the world.
  8. I was taking pictures of Little Princess in her little leather jacket today. I just love her in it. she looks soo cute with her little pony-tail and her leather jacket. I could just squish her in hugs and kisses.
  9. I have been trying new recipes lately. It is a fun way to make the best use of limited groceries. I like finding new ways to cook the same old ingredients.
  10. I am embarressed to say, I have not done my taxes yet. BUT, I plan to do them next week. I am going to H&R block.
  11. I have done my own taxes for the last 6 years, but I am going to let them do it this year.
  12. It is freezing outside! I wish it would warm up and feel like summer already! I want to get outside and enjoy the weather.
  13. I am feeling pretty good today, tired but happy and confident that my pregnancy will be okay.

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    Christie O. said...

    so sorry i haven't been by in a while to hear your good news! congratulations!!!! i'm pregnant too! (fresh out of the first trimester--yay!) i was trying that healthy eating thing too but i only craved junk. fortunately i've only gained 5 pounds so far. happy tt! and congrats!!!!

    Kat said...

    I hope your grandmother feels better soon!

    ~*Kelli BoBelli*~ said...

    Wow! It's like 80 here in Texas, and I was complaining that it's too cold to go swimming! LOL

    Good for you for eating healthy. I need to do this, too.

    Special K ~Toni said...

    Good for #13! Mine is up at Being An Air Force Wife!