May 23, 2007

Doctors Appointment

I had an appointment today. I was fine getting ready and getting Little Princess off to school, but then when she was gone and it was time for me to leave for the appointment, I was terrified. Every test, every appointment, I am scared that the doctor is going to tell me something is wrong. I want this so bad and I am a little scared it will all go away. I am sure it will get better when I hear the heartbeat, or when I feel Little One move, or when I see Little One on a US, or when I am out of the first trimester.

In the meantime, everything looked fine and the doctor said not to worry. So that was good. I love my doctor. she even moved up my next appointment by a week because she wants to see me sooner. (I guess it could be the preeclampsia I had with my daughter)


Crazy Working Mom said...

I think that feeling went away after a few months when you know that the baby is growing and the pregnancy is "normal". :)
I was more nervous with my second than with my first. But, things will be fine.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's a scary time filled with the unknown but as long as the doctor says everything looks good, you should try and enjoy your pregnancy. Afterall, stress is not good for the baby. Take care!

Cheryl said...

I am glad everything is fine! There's the saying: do not worry about something until it happens!

I put up the Themed Thursdays. I always appreciate your comments, one of the few people who actually visit to actually read and not just a freebie grabber. You are a great blogging friend!

Anonymous said...

WEll congrats!!