May 5, 2007

Grocery day.

I finally got groceries. As I showed Little Princess the food we had bought and how we finally had some of the food she had been requesting, she got excited and started to twirl around the kitchen. Then she stopped, walked up to me, wrapped her little arms around my waste and hugged me and said, "Thank you mommy." And while I smiled at her sweetness a part of me was sad. My little girl, just thanked me for buying food. How sad is that? How sad is it that she is excited that we were finally able to buy the stuff that she wanted.

In the last little while, I have been amazed at her patience. She is five years old and yet when she kept asking again and again for one thing after another that we didn't have, she didn't cry or complain when the answer was yet again, "Sorry baby, we don't have any, but I will buy some when I get groceries." Five year olds shouldn't have to understand. They shouldn't have to be patient. But she was. She even went so far as to draw me a picture of apple juice and pretzels and put it on the fridge. It was her grocery list of things she wanted me to remember to get for her.

Well, we got paid and we are hopelessly behind and I had to be very frugal with my grocery money, but every thing she has been patiently waiting for, I bought her. Every thing she has asked for and then walked away calmly when I said we didn't have it, I bought it. It was simple things like hot dogs, cheese and milk. And I DEFINITELY got her the apple juice and pretzels she had on her grocery list. I love that she was so excited that we got groceries, I love that she is so patient. I am just sad that she had to be.


Notsosnowwhite said...

Be very proud of all that you done for the little princess. The money situation ..not your fault but the patience seh showed... that totally comes from you

Anonymous said...

What a little sweetie... you are obviously raising her well!! I think she really deserved to get the things she was patiently waiting for!

I hope your money situation gets better very, very soon.

I love grocery shopping, too! It's fun to look in the fridge and see food!!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

S said...

I don't see why a five year old shouldn't learn patience. When she's at school she'll have to learn to wait for her turn and that she can't always do or have what she wants.

I think that I'd want to teach her that you need to have enough money to buy the things that you need and if there is any left over then you can buy the things that you want. There are enough people in debt and I think that we shouldn't teach our children that they can have what they want when they want it.

My son's growing up 'poor' but he has a roof over his head, food to eat and clothes to cover him though so many people don't. But most important is that he has a mother who loves him and cares about him and what he does and is doing her best. I think that your princess knows that you love her and would take that over a pretzel anyday, don't you? (Sorry for the long comment!)

Anonymous said...

I think it is a lesson that will serve her well in the years to come. Though it must hurt you to watch.


She so sweet. Any mom will be proud of her. Don't be so sad because sometimes it teaches them lessons without our knowledge. I wish I could be as patient as she is.
Thanks for the visit.

Jenny McB said...

Glad to hear that you got paid.

I can't get over how expensive milk is in Nova Scotia, is it the same for you?

Your princess is a true princess!

Jenny McB said...

I tagged you today, check out my blog, but let's hear 10 interesting facts about you!